Category: Issue 2

Money makes the world go round 

With an increasing number of Canadians facing financial struggles, discussions of universal basic income in Canada are prominent once again

Memes and the construction of hate

How memes fuel anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment

Abortion rights do not equal access

The battle Alberta women face for abortion healthcare

Senior Abuse

A look inside Alberta’s long-term care homes

Don’t believe everything you see on TV

Media plays a huge role in the public’s perception on mental health, negative stigmas are born out of ignorance

Grass-roots initiatives tackle the growing issue of urban food insecurities

On a chilly Tuesday evening, taking a trip through the aisles of Freestone Produce evokes a similar feeling most Calgarians

Stranded at the station

In the fall of 2021, Thai Dillon Higashihara had been waiting for a streetcar in the East York area of

My name isn’t Rachel!

Each character is carefully selected out of thousands. Selected. Reselected. Debated. They can represent family history. They can represent parents’